Relax with massage therapy (or K9 massage for your pooch)

Heal, calm, detox—this is what Serenity Massage may do for you. Owned and operated by experienced massage therapist Sonya Newman, we have a range of different manual therapies aimed at providing relief from headaches, back pain and the demands of a busy and stressful week.

Can my dog get a massage? They sure can! Sonya provides the same relaxing, tension relieving massage on your pooch.

We also have an electric massage table that allows us to work with people who find certain movements difficult. Health fund rebates are available.

Please call or email to make a booking.


Remedial Massage

Plagued by sore muscles or an injury? Want to reduce cellulite or get relief from a headache?
Our remedial massages may provide relief. Browse our services menu or contact Sonya today
to discuss your needs.

Relaxation Massage—Sonya Massage in Alstonville NSW

Relaxation Massage

Stress levels spiking out of control? 

Why not treat yourself to a relaxation massage to help soothe your muscles and de-stress your mind.

Dog (K9) Massage—Sonya Massage in Alstonville NSW

Dog (K9) Massage

You’re not the only one who gets tired and sore. Book your dog in for an indulgent massage to help with their general wellbeing.